Horning Farm Agency was founded on the Public Auctions of farms in Morgantown, PA and surrounding area. Today, we handle many types of liquidation;

Farm Equipment
and Household Goods

Antiques, Collectables, Auction, Services

We are a full service auction company who understands that 90% of the success of an auction is performed prior to the event and we use our expertise in creatively utilizing all of our resources for promoting your property.

We offer you:

Personalized Service
Thorough Market Analysis to determine the value of your property
Advertisements to a targeted audience
Open Houses prior to auction
Help in organizing and setting up items for sale
Provide tables, trays and equipment necessary for sale
Attend Settlement
A full explanation of all closing documents

Property, Farm, Estate

Horning Farm Agency, Inc.

Horning Farm Agency, Inc.
2403 Main Street, Narvon, PA  19555
Phone:  610.286.5183

Merle Eberly, Owner
Licensed Auctioneer Since 1976 | AU00Z47L | Broker# RB029244A 
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