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Nick Eberly, PA Realtor

PA Realtor

Fax:  610.286.2927

Studied Linguistics; English, Spanish, PA Dutch, German, & French
Served on the Worship team for Petra Church for over 10 years

For as long as I can remember, I have attended and assisted at my father's public auctions.  Throughout this time, my father has mentored me and passed on to me real estate transactions.  Through this I have learned important key components to fair negotiations and the foundation of any successful business man, pleasing his customers to the best of his ability.

I enjoy meeting people and strive to be fair, respectful and loyal to all my clientele and I look forward to working you!

Horning Farm Agency, Inc.

Horning Farm Agency, Inc.
2403 Main Street, Narvon, PA  19555
Phone:  610.286.5183

Merle Eberly, Owner
Licensed Auctioneer Since 1976 | AU00Z47L | Broker# RB029244A 
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