The Importance Of Understanding Home Value

Determining a competitive initial list price is extremely important when attempting to sell a home in today’s real estate market. A new listing at a competitive price is what generates showings. A property with a list price too high usually gets overlooked and can become stale. Even lowering the asking price will not give the listing near the attention it would have received had it been listed at that same price from the start. It is very important to understand the differences between Assessed Value, Appraised Value and Market Value when determining the asking price for your property.

Wondering “How Much Is My Home Worth”?

The assessed value of a property is simply the value applied to the subject property by the local government to determine the owner’s property tax. The assessed value is NOT an accurate tool for determining the value of a property. In some areas the assessed value is based on a percentage of the market value. For example, if the market value of the home was $100,000 at the time of the assessment, and the local government assesses properties in that area at 80% of the market value, then the assessment on that property would be $80,000.

Appraised Value

Appraised value is determined by a certified appraiser’s unbiased opinion of value based on a physical inspection of the property. An appraiser looks at the physical features of the property such as the amount of land, the size, style and condition of the home, as well as current market conditions to determine his or her opinion of value. In residential real estate an appraisal is typically used by someone who needs an accurate assessment to support a predetermined price or value on a property. For example, a bank will use an appraisal to justify giving a loan on a property being sold. The appraised value is NOT the market value, meaning it’s not necessarily the price the home should or will sell for on the open market. There are many other factors to consider that determine what someone is actually willing to pay.

Fair Market Values of Your Home

Market value can be defined as the most probable price a property should sell for in an open and competitive market within a reasonable amount of time. Finding the market value is the best approach to establishing a good asking price. The best way to find market value is to do a comparable market Analysis (CMA) of the property, which means to research comparable sales. For example, if in 6 months 5 similar home in the same area or neighborhood sold in the range of $200,000 -$225,000, a 6th similar home will likely sell somewhere within that range, therefore determining its market value. Of course, every home is unique. Some are older, some are newer. Some need work and some are perfect. All these things need to be considered when determining a good asking price, but looking at the comparable sales gives you a great place to start.

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